4th International University Cities Forum

The Fourth International University Cities Forum ‘Rethinking College-Town: Towards Glocalization’ that will be held in Tomsk on 27-30 November 2019 will cover the university role in life of different territories ranging from the city or region up to the whole world. Taking the example of Tomsk we may consider the university role in the city intellectual capital development, its promoting in the country and the world as well as in improving the population quality of life. The Fourth forum will examine the college-town model that is based on the world best practices analysis taking into account the peculiarities of Russian and Siberian college-towns in particular. In addition, some Forum events will deal with the part university and college-town play in providing conditions for the territories’ sustainable development and higher quality of life. The participants will try to formulate the development strategy for Tomsk as the college-town with a great university environment prospects via the dialogue among the academic community, regional authorities, businesses and local communities

36 Lenin Ave., Tomsk, Russia 634050