Aram Pahchanyan

Director of the Ayb School (Armenia), Vice President of ABBYY

Aram Pakhchanyan is a Board of Trustees member of the Ayb Educational Foundation. Since July 2014, he is the director of the Ayb School in Yerevan. This school has become the center of the fundamental modernization of education in Armenia.

The Ayb School was created by the Ayb Educational Foundation. The Ayb Foundation was founded in 2006 by individuals who have established themselves through education and wish to create high quality learning environments with their shared and meaningful investments.

Wishing to contribute to the development of Armenia and having many opportunities to invest their time, effort and financial resources, the Ayb founders chose the most meaningful and promising way of reforming the country – educating a new generation, investing in the future for the sake of the future. This is how the Ayb Club was founded, which, in turn, established the Ayb Educational Foundation as an organization to implement the Club’s educational programs and projects.

Today, the Ayb community, comprising of the Club members, benefactors, sponsors, donors and supporters, is being extended with individuals of different professions from around the world: financiers, businessmen, IT representatives, bankers, and others. The mission of Ayb is to unite society around the idea of education and develop a global network of education supporters, creating a community of people who realize the crucial role of education in achieving the vision of Armenia’s future.

Throughout its existence, the Ayb Foundation has carried out various important projects, such as:

  • Intensive Subject Courses, whose graduates now study at the world’s top universities.
  • AybLabs– state-of-the-art specialized laboratories, which were designed and launched in a number of schools throughout Yerevan and the regions, a network which is expanding day by day.
  • International contests, such as Kangaroo, The Russian Bearand the All Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists, all of which have become the most popular school competitions in Armenia, involving over 50,000 students each year.
  • Master-classes, which are organized for teachers to help them keep pace with the latest developments in science and technology worldwide and many other projects.

Finally, in January 2010, the Government of the Republic of Armenia passed a resolution at its first meeting of the year to allocate 6.5 ha of land adjacent to the Tbilisi highway in Yerevan to the Ayb Educational Foundation for the implementation of the Ayb Learning Hub (Ayb School) project. The first component of the Ayb Learning Hub, the Ayb High School was opened in 2011.

The new building of the school is well-equipped with modern technologies which crucially important to implement creative ideas in the process of studies. Students are given the opportunity to choose a profile subject and delve into its study. The bulk of the material is presented in practical form. Most of the children study on a free tuition basis due to the allocated grants.

The objective of the Ayb Project is the creation of the XXI century school in Armenia, the development of advanced teaching methods, which other educational institutions of the republic will be able to adopt. The educational program includes such a discipline as robotics, and students regularly become winners in various international competitions.

36 Lenin Ave., Tomsk, Russia 634050