Thematic tracks of the Forum


The issues to consider:

  • Which model may explain the college town peculiarities?

  • Which approaches are suitable for the analysis and measuring of college town development potential?

  • In what way does the university influence urban territories development?

The key events of the track:

College Town: Theory into Reality

Tomsk Research and Educational Complex Spatial Development: TSU Campus Development: Architectural and Planning at the Historical Settlement Site

College Town as the Impetus for the Urban and the University Development in Tomsk


The issues to consider:

  • Which technological and spatial solutions may help to create a smart city in Russia?

  • In what way do the college town peculiarities influence the population quality of life?

  • What may make college town the territory’s sustainable development driver?

The key events of the track:

Digital Technologies and the Renewed Environment for the Universities

Intellectual Capital & Smart Technologies for the City

The Human-Oriented Smart City Practices: the European and Russian Projects Experience


The issues to consider:

– Which urban areas are necessary for students?

– In what way do students perceive the university, the university campus and the city they study in?

– Do Tomsk students need a interuniversity multifunctional student campus?

The cases participants will deal with:

Interuniversity multifunctional student campus as the research and innovation attraction point for 15 000 young researchers and developers

Interuniversity multifunctional student campus: infrastructure solutions and the links among the territories of six state universities in Tomsk

Interuniversity multifunctional student campus: the place for life, meetings and leisure vs the regional development and investment attraction driver

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