Thematic tracks of the Forum


  • Track ‘University and global social changes’

Within the framework of this track, advantages and disadvantages of ‘studentification’ (the new trend in the university cities’ development) were considered; opportunities and threats were identified for the implementation of “Education Export” program in Tomsk and other Siberian cities, and the state of the accessible environment in universities and cities of Siberia was analyzed. Much attention was paid to answer the question ‘How to make the city attractive to students’, using the European experience – cases of Bath and Bordeaux were considered.

  • Track ‘University in urban ecosystem’

Within the framework of this track, it was noted that Tomsk is a vivid example of a university and student city. The total number of people employed in the city’s economy is about 270000 people, 40500 people working in the field of education and professional scientific and technical activities. In addition, about 60000 students study in Tomsk. Of course, such population structure forms special requirements for the urban environment, and, at the same time, this structure a valuable resource for the responsible development of the urban ecosystem. This is especially important today when we talk about open science, breakthrough research and innovation, when the time between the development and implementation of technologies is reduced. The research and educational complex leaves its mark even in the city’s toponymy.

  • Track ‘International transdisciplinary reseach and practice online conference ‘Digital place brand management: global and local aspects’

The theme of the Conference was ‘Digital Place Brand Management: Global and Local Aspects’. “Connect-Universum” invited researchers and practitioners from different scientific areas and professional spheres to participate in discussing the issues of developing place brands (global and local) and managing them with the help of digital and

Internet technologies.

  • Track ‘International student event ‘UNI4CITY’

International student event is a unique opportunity for students to get new professional competencies aimed at the development of university cities. The symbiosis of the experience of Russian and international experts and students to solve problems in the field of urbanism, culture, social structure, development projects.

36 Lenin Ave., Tomsk, Russia 634050